What is an Oil Country Lathe?

Oil country lathes possess the power, mass and precision to tool heavy duty works. It is perfect for changing big work pieces in the oil industry. These machines can accommodate big diameter changing and threading applications. Locate Oil Country Lathes to large bore CNC lathes for sale.

Known for heavy duty and dependable oil field applications Oil Country Lathes can also handle large pipes, rolls and other large diameter turning and threading applications.

Hollow Spindle Lathes execute a straight forward, maintenance design at lower level. Big bore lathes are now used in plenty of industries like aerospace and alternative energy.They also works as best oil fields lathes. Forged steel body Oil Country Chucks offer a great amount of repeatability, accuracy and best gripping strength.

Oil Country Lathe Uses

There are rotary tables, indexers and used in different kinds of milling applications. Mazak lathe company pride themselves to be a top leader in the manufacturing and designing of multi tasking, turning, vertical, 5 axis and palletech CNC machines. Lehmann lathe are the USA produced open spindle lathe. It has produced precision, high quality, long lasting lathes that are in use all over the world. Hollow lathe let you to cut and chamfer tubing easily and efficiently. You can even avail it to eliminate welds from present shafts for replacement of yokes, tube and splines. Large bore lathe are made for the oil service fields. It has 760mm to operate. LeBlond lathe industry have been considered as a producer of best quality tool. These machines are popular to contain lasted by forty years of big use with total reliability.

Kitamura machinery has made creative machining centers which satisfies the rigid demands of companies all over the world. By merging the effective training from decades of hands on experience, best personal concentration to detail and the recent technology, it has made a line of vertical, horizontal machining centers that give clients with enhanced productivity by reduction in defects, easy adaptability and reliable, accurate performance. Steiner machinery is happy to see back on a industry history that extends over a total sixty five years. This company has tried to stay at the first of technology and took over a special distributor for 3D systems.

Oil Country Lathe Brands

There are plenty of brands to select from while purchasing lathe machines. Few of the best brands are mazak, was established in the year 1919. It is the best brand on the market. If you are using the machine for starting out or for a hobby; it is a cheaper and best brand to use. Doosan was established in the year 1896. It is a cheap and good brand machines. It is also easy to use that creates it very famous. Victor was founded in the year 1954. They are best quality and available at a normal price. They have a good reputation in the market among customers.

Okuma is the most famous and excellent brands of lathe machines. They are reliable and reasonable. It is a perfect machine if it is given to a proper operator Hass is the biggest company, established itself like a great competitor by making best quality machines. If you are planning to buy a new machine, Hass is the best choice for your personal use or factory use. Everything you want to understand about programming these machines. It includes guidelines on purchasing these machines, tooling, coding and set up etc.

Information about Lathes

Lathe is a machine highly availed for machining of metal portions and wood works. It is a machine that changes the work piece against an equipment tool. It is availed for turning, facing, taper cutting, knurling, gear cutting, threading and several other wood and metal works. Lathe is an old tool and its basic use dates back in Egypt at 1300 BC. It was also popular and used in Greece and Assyria. Old Romans came to understand regarding this machine and they further improved it. At the medieval time, the usage of lathe had spread to lot of parts of Europe and it was at the time of industrial revolution while this tool obtained fame with its utilization in different types of industries. After the growth of electronics, automatic machines have been made.

History of Lathes

The first one was a simple lathe that was is today called to as two person lathe. One would change wood piece utilizing rope and the other individual would shape the piece availing a sharp tool. It was developed by Romans who included a changing bow that eased the work A pedal was availed for revolving the piece. This kind of lathe is known as spring pole, lathe that was availed till the first decades of the twentieth century. At the time of industrial revolution, water wheels and steam engines were connected to the machine to change the work piece at greater speed that created the job easier and faster.

They are categorized based on the functionality and application. Light duty lathe are used in electronic, automatic and in electrical companies. Medium duty lathe are strong and can work on major work pieces. Heavy duty lathe are produced from greater grades of materials such as steel and iron. Imported lathe are best quality availed for precision workings. All geared lathe, the revolving components are driven through the similar sources at various speeds by utilizing gears to do different workings. Based on the modes of workings, they can be categorized as manual lathe, CNC lathe. With the growth of automation and electronics engineering, new computer lathes have been made.

They possess lot of benefits than the traditional lathes. In the old machines, the operator assesses the dimensions on regular basis to obtain ideal precision and the time needed to finish the work is more for works. This process is essential due to the reason if the operator eliminates additional metal from the piece; the complete piece will be waste that will lead in loss of time and money. In the automated machines, the feedback method repeatedly checks the dimensions and hence they finish the work in a short time. The loss is reduced; they are very efficient and easier in terms of speed. Lathe is a necessary machine in engineering that is availed in large number of industries. They are utilized for ornamental turning, diamond turning, glass working, thermal spraying, metal spinning and several other works.